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The Tales of Two Top Secret Stolen Smartphone Prototypes
[Via RoughlyDrafted Magazine]

Daniel Eran Dilger The web is atwitter with reports of a top secret stolen smartphone prototype. This moment, it’s what appears to be Apple’s 4th generation iPhone. But nearly the same thing happened last year, too. Things just didn’t go as well that time. .It is suggested that Gizmodo paid as much as $10,000 to obtain the […]


Was this a case of a lost prototype, found in a bar and successfully shopped around to the gossip sites? Or was it a case of industrial espionage, with all sorts of intrigues?

I would imagine that Apple’s response will wait until after their release of financials tomorrow. Making a big deal of this now would detract from that.

But their response could be very interesting, especially if Gizmodo is involved in trafficking stolen goods.