The Devil’s Disciple

shaw from Wikipedia

TCM was having a day of Shavian movies the other day. I got to watch Major Barbara for the first time. The play was the Shaw work I had ever read. I loved it and had a great time watching the movie with Wendy Hiller, Robert Morley and Morley. Some of the cinematic devices were not wonderful but the acting and words were just delightful.

Few could write like Shaw.

They also had my favorite movie that is STILL not on DVD, the Devil’s Disciple. I saved it on my DVR as it came on too late to really enjoy. I’m watching it now and I had forgotten some of the little bits and pieces that made it so enjoyable.

Of course, Kurt Douglas and Burt Lancaster are great. But I had forgotten the sardonic little prolog with its cartoonish stop-action animation of soldiers on an American map and some of the wonderful wit, especially that of Olivier’s Burgoyne. While Olivier is not at his best, the lines are just wonderful.

And Shaw’s wit always reminds me of the wonderful Monty Python skit with Oscar Wilde, James McNeill Whistler and George Bernard Shaw:

Michael Palin as Shaw is priceless.