It’s a Wi-Fi Festivus in Spring

festivus by kevindooley

Boingo Wireless: Apple’s iPad surpasses Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile in four days
[Via MacDailyNews]

Boingo Wireless, tthe world’s leading WiFi provider, today revealed that the iPad is now the second most popular non-laptop device connecting to its WiFi networks, displacing Android devices and more than doubling the daily number of visits for the previous second place device.


Festivus is usually celebrated in December. We have been seeing much Airing of Grievances (again and again) and Feats of Strength (again and again) the last few days regarding Apple, the iPad and the new iPhone OS4.0

Now we have some of the first results. In 4 days, 5.4% of all the connections on the largest Wi-Fi network were to the iPad. It’s a Festivus Miracle.

After less than a week, the number of people using iPads on Wi-Fi networks exceeds those who use Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile – combined!

Looks like the head of the household continues to win. Apple’s Festivus may never end.

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