Festivus continues

David Crotty, the Executive editor for Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, who also writes online at Bench Marks and the Scholarly Kitchen, is one of my favorite bloggers. While he and I may have some different perspectives on where scientific publishing is headed, he never fails to provide some very interesting facts.

He mentioned in comments to my post, It’s a Wi-Fi Festivus in Spring, that something similar had been noticed at a scientific website, the Faculty of 1000. For them, Android-based mobile devices come in ahead of iPads, but the latter are now at 5%. In just 10 days. Better than Blackberry. Than Palm. Than Windows mobile.


Boingo measured mobile devices that simply used its network, for any purpose. Faculty of 1000 was looking at browser usage. Both see about 5% of their usage by mobile devices coming from iPads.

Android may be making headway but Apple products provide some serious competition to everything else.

It’s another Festivus miracle.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for that information—interesting to see that we’re getting similar numbers (our target audience is not your general demographic, of course).

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