One of the things that will have to be modified as we move forward

solar panel by Wayne National Forest

Warming up to solar panels
[Via All Today’s News – Sightline Daily]

Oregon homeowners turning to sustainable practices are replacing lawns with gardens, letting dryers sit idle in favor of clotheslines, letting grass turn brown in August and accepting a coexistence with insects. But some of these ideas run contrary to the extensive rules of the homeowners’ associations, which encourage consistency and conformity.


Lots of homeowner’s associations had covenants mandating cedar shake roofs until the effect on fire insurance premiums started to skyrocket. Now we may be seeing something similar with solar, particularly for covenants written decades ago.

Of course, state law supersedes these covenants. So, since it is against the law to prevent solar, the best way is to adapt and set reasonable guidelines. Lets hope the homeowner who worked through the process gets to put up his solar.