Adobe’s culpability as well as Apple’s

adobe by Peter Kaminski

Louis Gerbarg on Apple, Adobe, Game Interpreters, and Section 3.3.1
[Via Daring Fireball]

Best piece I’ve read on the whole thing, by a long shot. Must-read.


I agree. It not presents a nice overview, it also presents Adobe’s possible culpability here. In essence, Adobe went all in with their software for creating iPhone apps while using other means than the ones Apple wanted developers to use.

Adobe was hoping that Apple would not want to piss off developers and would allow Adobe to continue with its plans – plans that could be harmful to Apple.

As this article states:

This is the only case where I feel an active user community was publicly jerked around like this in order for one side to try to gain leverage over the other. That is saying a lot, because I am not pleased with Apple’s actions either, but Adobe put Apple in a position where either Adobe got its way or Apple screwed developers.

Looks like Apple called their bluff. With HTML 5 appearing every day on new sites, Flash is leaking users. And it has yet to produce a version of Flash that can run on a lot of phones. So Adobe has some real work togo here. It has not shown itself to be the best company either for developers. It will have to do that now ti have much chance.

And the article brings up some points about runtime routines used in games. Many of these would break the new rules. So, unless Apple finds some way to relent, a lot of game developers will not be able to produce games for he iPhone, something Apple will not want.

Or it might just take some real lawyering to determine what is going on.

So, I wold not be surprised to see some modification of this part of the development agreements.