Perhaps we just aren’t smart enough

oil rig by nestor galina

Oil’s attack on California climate law
[Via All Today’s News – Sightline Daily]

Several Texas oil companies are bankrolling a petition drive to suspend California’s path-breaking climate change law in a move that may prove a bellwether for national efforts to address global warming.


Maybe we are genetically hardwired to screw ourselves. Every other animal seems to be. They will overbreed and overuse the world around them until a population crash as the population increases past the carrying capacity of the environment.. Eventually, they reach an equilibrium with nature, keeping relatively close to the carrying capacity.

Of course, when the environment changes, even, locally (i.e. a bad winter) the equilibrium changes. Not fun for the animals.

Because we are so good at manipulating our environment, we have been able to increase our carrying capacity tremendously. But we do not seem to have escaped the need to overuse. Nor to move past the actual ability of the environment to support us.

And we may not be smart enough to escape the backlash when the environment changes too much for us to easily recover or adapt to.

That is my worry and we seem to keep presenting examples to back up that worry.