Nuclear power plants and new oil wells may not be enough

The graph that may have made Obama say ‘HOLY S . . . T!’
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Sorry folks, this graph is no April fools joke. It was one of the graphics used in a U.S. Energy Information Agency conference last year on “Meeting the World’s Demand for Liquid Fuels.” And yes, it does indeed show production of liquid fuels from existing projects peaking and then starting to decline in 2012.

Meanwhile, total consumption continues to ramp up — so much so that by 2035 there’s a gap of some 43 million barrels per day between production and total consumption. That’s an ocean of liquid fuel larger than all of OPEC’s production today.

So, you wanna’ know why Obama opened new areas for offshore drilling? Take a good hard look at this graph.


Sure, Obama may be making these announcements about drilling purely for political reasons. But, if this sort of graph is any indication of liquid fuel levels in 2012 and after, we will have a lot of market reasons for alternative fuels.

Not to mention the increased cost for plastics, fertilizer chemicals and other products of carbon fuels.

But we can not really get more oil in enough time, not enough atomic power plants. I figure coal will be the next thing we start pulling out to burn.

And it probably means that even more people will die in coal mines as we try and keep ourselves above water.

The faster we can get off of oil the better. And the lower the cost, in lives and money.