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abstraction by patricio villarroel

iPad version of Brushes comes into view
[Via Macworld]

Remember all the excitement surrounding the New Yorker magazine cover that was painted with an iPhone app? That was Brushes, and the whole concept of a magazine cover being created on a mobile device caused quite a stir last spring.

Now, from Steve Sprang, the maker of Brushes, comes Brushes—iPad Edition, giving you the luxury of more space with which to create your own magazine cover—or any other design that strikes your fancy. Brushes—iPad Edition gives you a similar degree of artistic goodness as its iPhone companion.


You can follow what people have done with Brushes at their Flickr Group. It could be a lot of fun to be sitting on a park bench with an iPad creating art.

And, the software remembers your brushstrokes so you can create a video of the art’s creation. Here is a nice example:

I wonder how this will change the creation of digital art? Here are a few more pictures from Flickr, all done on iPhones or iTouchs so far:

201004031140.jpg by jimblodget

201004031140.jpg by Benjamin Rabe

201004031141.jpg by RubensLP

201004031143.jpg by Chaaruzu 図