Best ad campaign ever

Apple reaps hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free iPad publicity
[Via MacDailyNews]

“The amount of free advertising that Apple has received for the new iPad is worth hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 48 hours alone,” Jason Schwarz writes for


I don’t think I have ever seen a product launch that has carpet bombed almost every media outlet so effectively. Case in point – its placement in Modern Family. This was a genius move because, as opposed to most blatant product placements, which so obviously are out of place, the use of the iPad not only made absolute sense (Phil has shown himself to be a complete techno-nerd before) but its presence drove the plot forward in really funny and oh so true ways (Claire falling asleep instead of getting to the store at 5 AM to wait in line, getting in line but forgetting her charge card, losing her place in line because of the ‘line cutter’)

They could have used the search for almost any gift for Phil’s birthday and made a funny episode. But the use of the iPad added a relevance that enhanced the show, not distracting. Brilliant.

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