Just think when they have iPads

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Apple patents shed light on why iPhone is the future of health care
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Eric Topol is a leading cardiologist who has embraced the study of genomics and the latest advances in technology to treat chronic disease. In one of his recent presentations, Dr. Topol points to the iPhone’s growing importance and connection to the next wave of medical technology relating to the “Body Area Network.” One of the key components of this new dimension in medical technology is that of the sensor strip, an invention that Apple gained a granted patent for only four months ago. This focused report takes a peek at Dr. Topol’s presentation in respect to Apple’s patent and at how other medical facilities are adopting the iPhone as a crucial tool for their Cardiologists and Neurosurgeons on the go. According to the leading Chief of Medicine at Toronto’s Mount Sinai hospital – “The iPhone is the Future of Health Care.” With Apple’s newly granted patent now in place – that statement may very well prove true.


Body Area Networks are really a cool idea. And Apple has just gotten some patents that will permit them to interface things like medical sensors with an iPhone to collect medical data and send it on to the doctors, in real time. It was fascinating to watch the video about Memorial Hermann in Houston. Using the iPhone to gather and examine real time obstetrics data such as fetal heartbeat, while miles away amazing.

An iPad will give them even more information than with an iPhone. I wonder when they will become what the Star Trek medical tricorders portrayed (see above).

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