No blogging on Tuesday

typewriterby etharooni

I spent most of Monday evening and Tuesday working on a project for Xconomy. Luke Timmerman asked me to write an opinion piece on some of the sections of the Healthcare Reform bill that dealt with biotechnology. I wrote some more about it at SpreadingScience.

I’ve known Luke for quite some time and have always enjoyed working with him. He takes the science in science journalism very seriously and has worked really hard to be as aware of the current progress of research in biotechnology as is possible.

Xconomy is also a great example of where new media may be going. Very tightly focussed areas of interest in cities that can support that interest. So if you want to know anything about high tech or biotech, Xconomy is the place to go. It is really the only ‘newspaper’ whose multiple newsfeeds I read every day.

The fact that their online pages all look like they are done with more or less standard blogging software (i.e. look at the names for each of the web pages) is very endearing to me. I hope their model is successful because it not only employs people who are committed in ways not seen in the MSM, it is able to inform communities in ways the MSM can not.