Scientists singing about science

Snow Day Special: Warbling Scientists on the Newest Symphony of Science

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Scientific superstars like Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins are sounding better and better. In the series Symphony of Science, creator John Boswell uses the auto-tune program so beloved by R&B and pop stars to tweak such nerdy delights as Carl Sagan’s monologues from “Cosmos,” and sets them to electro-funk music. The result? Highly watchable videos of Sagan and other guest scientists expounding on the magic of the cosmos and our place in the universe. Boswell has put four videos out previously, but here is his latest offering, “The Poetry of Reality.”


The Symphony of Science series has been amazing to watch and listen to. And it is a amazing display of what creativity can do using modern tools. He remixed videos, added music, made the scientists ‘sing’, and then put the results up for everyone to examine. He now uses Twitter to help him find new pieces of video or to suggest topics. You can even purchase the music on iTunes.

Five, years ago, this would not have been possible. What will another 5 years bring?

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    1. WordPress lets me do just about everything I need to do, without having to lay out any money. I don’t need to worry about backups and it gets new features all the time. I have my own website for business stuff but this works well for my personal views.

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