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Ten Myths of Apple’s iPad: 10. It needs Mac OS X
[Via RoughlyDrafted Magazine]

Daniel Eran Dilger Here’s segment ten in my series taking on iPad myths: no the iPad doesn’t need to run Mac OS X. Ten Myth of Apple’s iPad: 1. It’s just a big iPod touch Ten Myth of Apple’s iPad: 2. iPad needs Adobe Flash Ten Myths of Apple’s iPad: 3. It’s ad-evil Ten Myths of Apple’s iPad: 4. It […]


I have loved reading Daniel’s work for a long time. This column has some of the best reasoning explaining why the Mac OS can be found on such a wide range of very popular devices while other OS, such as Windows or Linux, simply are not successful.

It is a great demonstration of why creating a ‘best of breed’ product can provide a more resilient item than trying to just get something that works. MS has always been this way, bolting Windows onto DOS, or onto a mobile DOS. It’s one attempt to create an all new OS, Windows NT, simply was unable to remove the stranglehold Windows has, even within MS.

Apple consistently removes the barriers legacy software and hardware put in its way. MS has really never found such a path, opting for the easy approach of simply bolting on a new veneer onto old technology.

While Apple, because it started with the idea of having the best, not the just good enough, has an OS that is flexible enough to change with the world without too much disruption.

Because the world will always change. Apple can adapt but MS seems to always have some problems.