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Former Apple Senior Engineer says OS X could adopt Front-Row-style iPhone OS implementation in future version | Cult of Mac
[Via Cult of Mac]

After January 27th’s unveiling of the iPad, it became abundantly clear that Apple has meaningful plans for iPhone OS outside of the smartphone arena. In fact, given the App Store’s runaway success, it’s just good business sense for Apple to try to get iPhone apps on as many devices as possible: not just phones, portable media players and tablets, but more traditional laptop and desktop machines as well.

The question is, then, when will OS X and iPhone OS begin to converge? When will OS X become compatible with iPhone OS?

In a recent New York Times blog post, Nick Bilton examines this very question, and talks to a former senior Apple Engineer to get to the bottom of whether or not iPhone apps could run natively on OS X one day.


iPhone Apps on the Mac. I wonder just how useful those would be. They would definitely need to multitask. It would certainly open up a lot of possibilities.

I guess some of the apps could be pretty big. Lots more memory and real estate to deal with. It would be interesting to see what comes up.

The idea of getting some pretty nice bits of software for 10s of dollars instead of hundreds is appealing also.