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find iPhone by juhansonin

‘Find My iPhone’ Rescues Two Stolen Phones at Busch Gardens
[Via Daring Fireball]

It was like something out of CSI. The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the snatched iPhones incident began when a mom and her stepdaughter were getting aboard the SheiKra roller coaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. The theme park provides unlocked storage bins for people to put things in so they don’t fly away during the ride, so their two iPhones (in purses) were dropped in. Probably not a very safe thing to do, but that’s what they did.


I have used the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature when I have ‘lost’ my iPhone, usually by it falling under the seat in the car. The feature actually pinpointed the location of the phone almost exactly.

The comments here have many more stories. I love the one where the guy left his iPhone in a rental truck. Gone when he got back. He not only used the Find feature to show it was still in the garage, he activated the beep function of the phone.

One of the mechanics sheepishly removed it from his pocket. It would have been really cool to have that done with the police present.

Any other phone have a similar function? I wonder if the iPads will also have a similar function?