Watch out for those British reporters

Leakegate: the case for fraud

[Via Deltoid]

They have been some explosive new revelations in the Leakegate scandal. Remember how Leake deliberately concealed the fact that Dan Nepstad, the author of the 1999 Nature paper cited as evidence for the IPCC statement about the vulnerability of the Amazon had replied to Leake’s query and informed him the claim was correct? Leake didn’t report what Nepstad told him. Instead he claimed that the IPCC statement was “bogus”, even though he knew it wasn’t.

Deltoid can now reveal that Leake’s reporting was far more dishonest than originally believed.


It is so easy to debunk the misleading information that MSM flunkies often use. In this case, you could email the actual scientist and put up his reply.

I think “An outrageous piece of journalism” may be a correct description. But when writing for denialists, being outrageous is a job description.

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