I wonder where Seattle falls?

Come Work in the World’s Third Most Livable City!

[Via Opinio Juris]

by Kevin Jon Heller

The Economist Intelligence Unit has just released its annual list of the world’s most livable cities — and my adopted home of Melbourne ranks third, behind only Vancouver and Vienna. It thus seems like an appropriate time to mention that Melbourne Law School is looking to hire new faculty at all levels, from Lecturer to Professor:

This year we are particularly interested in, and encourage, applications from scholars researching and teaching in the fields of administrative law; criminal law and evidence; media and technology law; and private law, in particular remedies and torts.

We continue to seek new colleagues at all ranks (levels B to E) and across all sub-disciplines who share our commitment to a highly collegial, research-intensive professional life. We specifically encourage applications from current or aspiring academics with a clear understanding of the value of cross-disciplinary and comparative analysis, who are able to integrate teaching with research and knowledge transfer activities, and who are prepared to contribute to the vibrant communal life and culture at the Law School and within the University of Melbourne as a whole.

Salaries are quite competitive with the US market, particularly with the Australian dollar hovering around $.92. The Lecturer range is AUD $73,863 to AUD $87,710; the Senior Lecturer range is AUD $90,480 to AUD $104,329; the Associate Professor range is AUD $108,946 to AUD $120,025; and the Professor range is AUD $140,335 and above. Salaries also include a fantastic 17% superannuation — 17% of your salary paid directly to your retirement fund each year, on top of the salary itself.


Only 2 cities in the top 10 are not in Canada or Australia/New Zealand – Vienna and Helsinki. The other 8 are Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary from Canada, Melbourne, Sidney, Perth and Adelaide from Australia and Auckland from New Zealand.

I imagine there will be some dispute here but I do know that Vancouver is a pretty nice place.