Poor little Spirit

xkcd has the Spirit:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

xkcd_spiritToday’s xkcd comic takes a somewhat different stance on the plight of Spirit than I did.

Still, it’s funny how we anthropomorphize objects, especially when they are vaguely human or animal looking. Especially if they’re cute. And Spirit is very cute.

Who’s a good rover? Hmmm? You are! You’re a good rover!


Somehow, this makes me feel a little sad. It reminds me of some science fiction story i read. can’t place it but that same sort of melancholy loneliness of an mechanical object, going about its job and waiting for mankind that will never return.

I wonder how Voyager feels? It still talks with us. Has it given up on ever seeing us again? (Well, we know how one person thought that reunion would go.)

I think one of the things we should do when we get to Mars is find Sprit and return it to a revered place in the Air and Space museum. Such service should be recognized.

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