Weird West coast weather

The January Record:
[Via Cliff Mass Weather Blog]

Will this month be the warmest January on record at Seattle Tacoma Airport? It is going to be a nail-biter but it appears we will make it.

A recap. The warmest January month until now was January 2006, when the average monthly temperature was 46.55 F. Where are we right now? Averaging all the days this month, including today, gives 47.1. Still above.

We have five days left.

Using the current NWS forecasts, the mean temperature of those days will be 45.9F.
Properly averaging this with the rest of the month gives a monthly-mean temperature of 46.9F. We make it with .35F to spare! Ok, I would like more of a margin, but it looks like the record will fall.


More about just how warm it has been in Seattle. Now, since this is just local, and just hits year, it is weather not climate. But it sure is weird. particularly when you see something else he posts:

But what will really go down in the record books is the broad area of very, very low pressure over the western U.S. this month. Here is an amazing figure provided to me by Nate Mantua of the UW Climate Impact Group. It shows the pressure anomaly, the difference between the actual and climatological pressures, for January 15 through 23. An extraordinary anomaly reaching 21 mb (this is a large number for such things) over a huge area. I have never seen anything like it and probably won’t see again for decades. There is reason that half the western U.S. set their ALL TIME low pressure records…records than have stood for 50-100+ years at these locations.


That huge low has just been producing all sorts of weird weather and it is an incredible low, much deeper than ever seen before. Now, I wish I was better informed at this but I would have thought a low like this would have drawn in all sorts of cloudy, rainy weather. The Southwest got hit with just those sorts of weather conditions but not the Pacific NW. We have actually had mostly dry, warm, even sunny days this month. Why?

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