The Innovation

Scenes from a Common Craft Video Shoot:
[Via Common Craft – Explanations In Plain English –]

People often wonder what it looks like to make a Common Craft video. So, every once in a while, we take photos as we’re making a video. This video shoot is for a forthcoming title that’s under wraps, but will come out within a month or two.

To acheive the light we want, we work with four really bright halogen lights. They’re so bright that I wear sunglasses when recording – it feels like I get a bit of a tan each shoot. This is Sachi getting things set up.


Okay, this started out as a nice post about Common Crafts video techniques. They do great work so it was interesting. It provided some isight into the incremental nature of their work (adding a monitor to see the video.

But then in the middle they mention “The Innovation”, which is so neat that it must be spread around:

Recently we discovered something that has come be known at “the innovation.” Basically, we learned that we can write on the monitor screen with dry erase markers. This was a revelation. It meant that we could mark the exact position of images to create consistency in the stop-motion process. When we needed to animate something across the screen, we could draw a line on the screen and follow it. It made our production lives easier.

You can write on the monitor! this is really cool to know and will be something I may have to try out. Just have to make sure the monitor has a glass front and not a plastic one. Although some people report using it on LCDs and it wipes right off. in fact, it seems to work really well for removing permanent marker from an LCD.

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