Frank Capra knew

Over 50 years ago, Capra produced a movie that described climate change:

I read about this from an Andrew Revkin blog entry that also has a nice link to the first article about climate change in the NYT from 1956. The original conjectures are pretty old. It is just that we have much better data than we did then.

I am reminded of an Asimov column, discussing how scientists are always wrong. They may be wrong but they are less wrong than they were before and get less wrong as time goes on. In general, we move closer and closer to a truly accurate description of the natural world.

Researchers understand this but more than a few members of the public do not.

[Listening to Fanfare for the Common Man from the album “A Copland Celebration Vol. 1 – Orchestral and Chamber Works” by Aaron Copland & London Symphony Orchestra]

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