Sex and science in an ad

ice cream lady The Ice Cream Lady by Svadilfari


[Via Observations of a Nerd]

I just saw this ad for Science World for the first time, and I think it’s brilliant.


Science World, for those not from Vancouver, British Columbia, is a science center that seeks to make science education a little more fun, including hundreds of interactive exhibits and its own OMNIMAX theater. You can see some more of their great adverts at Rethink Communications. Kudos for the good science-educating work, and even more for the great ads!

(thanks, Joel, for the hat-tip to Rethink’s link!) [More]

This is the best ad for a science center ever. All the sexual overtones of a Victoria’s Secrets commercial with some real scientific curiosity mixed in. How old do you have to be?

I just about did a spit take with the ‘three-way’ licking that was at the end of the ad. Or the ice cream dripping down a finger as it is being licked!

Just what DOES the vanilla ice cream represent? I figure that this ad would never be shown in the US but I wish it was.