Richard Gayle’s Old Blog

Well, my original personal blog will soon disappear. Userland is shuttering its Radio blogs at the end of this month.

I have been writing Richard Gayle’s Old Blog (the original A Man with a PhD) since 2002, a full seven years. On my first day, I wrote this:

One aspect of Radio that I love is that it serves as a personal archive of interesting info. Before, when I found a useful site, I’d either print it out or bookmark it. Now I blog it and can always find it, in the application I need to read it. Even if no one ever reads my weblog, I will need it.

Still true today. I’ll miss my old blog. It always felt like a kluge but there was nothing better for its time. In fact, it seems to be acting up today.

Don’t know when I’ll make my last post. But all things move on. You can still see what I wrote by clicking on the Web site (old) category). I expect I will move away from WordPress some day too.