It might make sense if he had won an Oscar

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Strip Gore of His Oscar | The Atlantic Wire
[Via The Atlantic Wire]

Defying the stereotype that Hollywood luminaries are tree-huggers and bleeding-heart liberals, conservative Academy members Roger Simon and Lionel Chetwynd are trying to rewrite history. Incensed that Al Gore won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth in wake of “climategate,” they’re urging the Academy to strip him of his award.


Al Gore did not win an Oscar for Inconvenient Truth in 2007. We was the subject of the movie. David Guggenheim won the Oscar. If you check out IMDB, Gore has never even been nominated for such an award. He did win a Primetime Emmy but not for anything climate related.

The Atlantic Wire is a little off. What the men are really calling for is something much worse, in my opinion. They want some sort of public auto-de-fe where the producers, director, writers and subject of the movie are called into a hearing, with cameras, and required to explain why they lied by the inquisitors.

No need for an investigation. No need for a hearing. Just bring them in and ask why they lied. Nice. I wonder if they will have to poke them with the Soft Cushions?

Now, why in the world should Gore, be brought into this? What is it that he is supposed to have done that would especially require the Hollywood Inquisition to take notice? I don’t know but he is someone that they are extremely aware of.

Perhaps their interest is because he is a much greater boogyman than David Guggenheim. SImply look at the comments at this LA Times article to get an understanding. I just had to say ‘Wow!’

I guess their ratings would be ever so much higher if Gore is there than if they question some director no one really cares about.