Helpful amino acids

Scripps Research team develops cheap, easy ‘kitchen chemistry’ to perform formerly complex synthesis:
[Via Eureka! Science News – Popular science news]

A team at The Scripps Research Institute has made major strides in solving a problem that has been plaguing chemists for many years: how best to break carbon-hydrogen bonds and then to create new bonds to join molecules together. This problem is of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry, which currently relies on a method to accomplish this feat that is relatively inefficient and sometimes difficult to perform.


According to the release, they use very simple and cheap compounds, some based on amino acids, to help guide these reactions. I imagine that this will appear in some organic chemistry classes. I do love science articles that provide interesting insights:

To our delight, during this investigation, we also discovered that certain Boc-protected amino acid ligands could dramatically improve the yield in this olefination reaction (see supporting online material), with the optimal ligand choice highly dependent on the combination of substrate and coupling partner.

As well as displaying emotions. The word delight so seldom appears in scientific literature yet it is almost always part of the emotional feelings of researchers.

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