Eisenhower did it too

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Bowing Hour!:
[Via Lawyers, Guns and Money]

Seems someone forgot to tell Ike what everyone on the right knows (but oddly never cites a source for): the President never ever bows. Because as even a cursory search of the AP Image archive indicates, the man could not stop bowing. Hello there, Pope John XXIII!

Howdy to you, wife of Italian Prime Minister Giovanni Gronchi!

Hi again, Archbishop Iakovos of New York, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of North and South America!

Long time no see, Charles De Gaulle!

By their logic, I believe that last bow means we have all been French since 2 September 1959. Eisenhower clearly demonstrated by that bow that the American President is a subordinate of the French, which means that for the past 50 years America has been a French territory with pretensions of sovereignty. Mon Dieu!


I wonder how many more photos would pop up with further search. Hey, Presidents have bowed in the past. Even Republican ones.

There may be points of actual policy difference to discuss but whining about such a non-topic as bowing indicates a real shallowness of thought. It’s like getting upset over the President using a Windsor knot and saying that all real Americans only use a four-in-hand.

It is a nontroversy. We hear a lot of them these days.

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2 thoughts on “Eisenhower did it too

  1. The closest to a king or emperor there would be the Pope, and Ike didn’t do the Obama genuflect.

  2. Always moving the goalposts? Comments I read – ‘The President never bows.’ ‘We fought a revolution so we don’t have to bow to anyone.’

    While surely not definitive, someone found, in a short period of time, a President who not only bowed but also shook hands at the same time.

    People can disagree with some of his policies (I disagree with some of this policies) but this type of nonsense is just some sort of derangement syndrome.

    Nobody liked it when liberals did it. Same when conservatives do it.

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