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Discovery Institute: Dover Derangement Syndrome:
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THAT picture was first used here: Casey Luskin is Behe’s Parakeet, and it’s time to deploy it again.

Casey Luskin is our favorite among the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids), and his latest article at the Discoveroid blog only enhances our opinion of him: Misrepresenting the Definition of Intelligent Design.

The article is typical of Casey’s Discoveroid writing, long and agonizingly twisted, so we’ll excerpt only a small portion that contains the essence of his message. As most of you will recognize, his references to the “Dover trial” refer to the creationist fiasco resulting in the superbly reasoned opinion by Judge John E. Jones III, issued on 20 December 2005, in the case of TAMMY KITZMILLER, et al., Plaintiffs, v. DOVER AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT, et al., Defendants. That’s the 139 page opinion (pdf file). You may want to look at this Wikipedia article about the case, which has a great deal of worthwhile background information.


It is one of the odd ironies that the Discovery Institute, harbinger of so much creationist IDiocy, resides in liberal Seattle. Oh well.

The legal case being discussed in 4 years old. The legal position of the ID proponents was pretty much destroyed. But they continue to try and rehabilitate other aspects of ID.

But as the Curmudgeon’s post shows, they just do not really have a logical leg to stand on. ID is still built on negatives, as is most creationism. ‘If we do not know exactly every step involved for an explanation using natural means, then it MUST be because ID was involved.”

Read the whole post for some very nice discussion of the inability of ID to provide positive evidence. Because it really can not.

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