Drumline of the gods

Awesome to the corps

[Via Bad Astronomy]

When I was in high school I was a marching band dork. Shocker, I know. But let me tell you something: we were good. Very good. We won a lot of competitions, and we hosted a drum and bugle corps competition at our school that pulled in the best from around the country. To this day, all these decades later, it’s still the loudest thing I have ever heard.

We humans have incredible talents: imagination, cleverness, dexterity, and musical abilities that are truly astonishing. Don’t believe me? Then behold:

Un. Flipping. Believable.

Those guys have major talent. Watch the bit from 4:50 to 5:10 again, and call those guys dorks. Holy mackerel, they rock.

Tip o’ the chapeau to Fark.


Why I love the Internet. I played drums in the marching band in high school. We won state but never had a drum line like this. The Top Secret Drum Corps are from Basel. Switzerland. According to Wikipedia, they were one of the fist non-military groups to appear at the Edinburgh Military Tatoo in 2003, giving a performance that made them a little famous.

The performance from Bad Astronomy is from the Basel Tatoo, which was started in 2006, is now the second largest tatoo, and whose producer is the leader of the Top Secret Drum Corps.

But, if you want to be amazed, watch their performance from just this last August at the 2009 Edinburgh Military Tatoo. Flaming drum sticks and exploding bass drums!!

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    1. Yeah. I was thinking that same thing. They may be a non-military group but they certainly embody the unity of a military corps.

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