British stiff upper lip

There is something to be said for the phlegmatic nature of the British. I imagine that if I were attacked by a lion, even if it was only playing, I’d be screaming my head off. Of course, I’d then probably be dead.

Here, the attacked reporter is actually more excited about getting some stitches, which he is around to get because he was so very calm as the lion bit him, while clawing his back. Why don’t we have any reporters in America as interesting?

2 thoughts on “British stiff upper lip

    1. I loved that he kept saying “No bother.” as blood dripped down his leg. He was obviously very pumped up. His breathing was a clue to that. But his actual excitement for the event was really amazing. I kept thinking about any American reporter in the same position being so collected under the circumstances. Could not think of one.

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