Why Fox News needs fact checking

fox by Rob Lee

Fox News Outfoxes Itself:
[Via Talking Points Memo]

If you’ve had Fox News on today, you’ve seen them cranking up the indignation machine over a supposed new incident between the network and the White House. The claim is that the White House denied Fox the same access other networks had to a press briefing at the Treasury Department yesterday. But we’ve looked into it, and it turns out that’s not what happened. Christina Bellantoni has the details on how a miscommunication over the TV pool feed has Fox playing First Amendment victim.


Fox News, and a ton of reporters that never bothered to find out what happened, spent Friday claiming foul. Yet, according not only to the White House but also to people who were there, it was nothing of the kind.

Looks like some MSM were punked. Like Rush and Obama’s thesis. Or it would seem so unless you also had a better memory.

What is amazing to me is how many so-called journalists just fell in line with Fox, needing no other verification, yet, when the Bush white House was excoriating MSNBC, the crickets made more noise than the MSM.

I would rather believe that most reporters are simply incompetent rather than they take their marching orders from their corporate owners. I think one reason the MSM are failing is that they no longer select for good reporters. Edward R. Murrow, Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley etc. got to the top because they were good reporters.

No more. Actually being good is more likely to get you a quick boot out the door. Read a book called Good Work or follow the Good Work Project. They show again and again that the veteran journalists, the ones who mainly got into the field because of the work of the earlier great reporters, who wanted to help create an informed citizenry, are finding those principles are no longer wanted in their business.

What is wanted is a focus on the bottom line, on bread and circuses. Thus we get hours devoted to something that was an obvious hoax to many at the time, with no real investigation into that possibility at all during those hours. The only reason it took off was the admission of a child hours later.

Shiny sells. And explaining does nothing for the bottom line. In fact, outright lying works much better. Not too many years ago, Fox won an appeal in which they stated that they had a First Amendment right to lie. That there was no law forcing hem to tell the truth.

Fox fired two reporters who refused to allow statements that they knew to be false into a telecast. They were fired. They sued for unlawful termination, winning in a jury trial. But they lost on appeal. The court said that there was nothing illegal with Fox presenting falsehoods!

It is enough to make you think that anyone who believes Fox is a legitimate news channel also believes wrestling is a legitimate sport.

They have a right to be viewed as the entertainment channel they mostly are. But just as we would not follow WWE because it represented an unfiltered view of an athletic endeavor, Fox should not be viewed as an unbiased source of news.