Money is more important than truth

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Fewer Americans convinced global warming is real:
[Via CEJournal]

The percentage of Americans who believe there is solid evidence that the Earth is warming dropped sharply during the past year, according to a poll released today by the Pew Research Center For the People and the Press.

At the same time, there has been an almost equal decline in the percentage of Americans who say […]


Well, there certainly has been little in the science to cause such a drop, not only that humans are involved in climate change but that climate change is even happening at all. There have been no new, outstanding facts to cause this rapid change in opinion.

And this is truly a partisan issue. A majority of Republicans (57%) do not believe that climate change is happening at all. Only 17% of the Democrats feel that way. Half of all Democrats see the human cause behind these changes. Only 18% of Republicans do.

I would submit that the main thing that has happened has been a full court press by industries and organizations directly involved in carbon dioxide release.

Much like the tobacco industries spent decades trying to confuse people about the actual dangers of cigarette smoking, these groups are trying to do the same for climate change. Take a complex subject and make it even harder to understand. It kept the tobacco industry going full speed ahead for half a century. Truth is not what they seek. Profit it.

And they are much better funded than those who seek the truth. Deniers often are.

Luckily, not all corporations fell this way, as we have seen recently with those who disagree with the Chamber of Commerce. Let’s hope some of them do some things to combat the misinformation.

Because, the data shows that the world has warmed significantly over the last 150 years. Public opinion polls do not change those facts.

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