New and improved

Well, after updating to Snow Leopard, I had to also update a few of my programs, in particular, my blog editing software, ecto.

I love ecto but the new version, ecto 3, has taken a little getting used to. It has some thing missing from previous versions (nothing major) and some really nice additions (auto saving of drafts, for instance).

Mainly, it has taken me a while to alter my workflow somewhat to take advantage of some of its new bells and whistles. It has some really nice templates for adding stuff to the post.

Like below, I can easily add all the info about what I am listening to on iTunes while I work, with all the links, etc. with just a click of a button. Cool.

I decided to make the links go to iTunes rather than the default Google search. It is a little easier to connect with the songs that way. At least for me. Some of my songs may not be on iTunes but most will. Let me know what you think.

But all this is possible because of the ability to mashup my aggregator (NetNewsWire) to ecto, using URLs, which takes you to iTunes. Then my posts get moved over to Facebook or Twitter. So, a few minutes of mashing and I get lots of things posted and linked.

Listening to: Alive and Well and Living In from the album “Living in the Past” by Jethro Tull.