Having a camera at the right time in the right place

Tremendous fireball over the Netherlands:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

A couple of days ago, the Netherlands and Germany were treated to a spectacular fireball, a very bright meteor burning up over their skies. Photographer Robert Mikaelyan was at the right place at the right time and got tremendous photos of the bolide:

Wow! Click through to see the series; you …


An amazing set of photos. Having a camera is key. One of the things I learned while taking pictures in college is to always have a camera.

Now, with the iPhone, we can. I found a nice site called The Best Camera. Chase Jarvis has written a book called the Best Camera Is The One That Is With You and he has an iPhone app also. He shows you how to use he iPhone to take great photos rather than the blurry ones so many of us have. And the app has really nice filters to make the photos look good.

Maybe not as good as the bolide ones but certainly they make the camera many of us have with us much better

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