WIl be there

The Big-E Bang Theory:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

What happens when you take two of my favorite things in the whole world and put them together?

Why, you get my mancrush Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory! Here’s the promo from CBS.


The episode airs Monday, October 19. Squeee!


I’ll make sure I DVR it so I can watch it again and again. IN the last few months, Wil already made a great guest appearance on Leverage. Then on The Guild. Now this.

He is mostly a writer now and has a great blog to read. He has written about the experience without any spoilers (Here, here and here). His reaction to the promo is about as honest as any of us would be.

Reading his blog caused me to completely re-evaluate my feelings about Wesley Crusher. Wheaton is a good writer and a fine actor.

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