‘The sky cries for us’

andromeda from NASA

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AutoTuned Sagan

[Via Cosmic Variance]

Oddly addicting…a million views and rising!


I cried watching this. I miss Carl Sagan. No one else has done such an amazing job of demonstrating the joyous experience that is science. And this video definitely helps us understand better our place in the Cosmos.

It also demonstrates the amazing time we are living in. This video is being seen by millions that could never has seen it at all just a few years ago. The creator of the video used software tools that used to cost millions of dollars and required many specially trained people.

That they have been able to mash together bits of Carl Sagan and music into a wonderful, evocative production is simply amazing. But they needed the technologies that have been created over the last generation to be able to completely release their vision.

It is this democratization of virtually all things, the ability to put the tools of creativity and productivity into the hands of almost anyone, that may be the single most innovative/destructive thing in the world today.

Woody Guthrie had a guitar with the words “This machine kills fascists.” On Pete Seegar’s banjo are the words “This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender.”

I wonder what motto will be placed upon these machines, these tools that are reducing the ability of authoritarian powers, either in business or politics, to control the flow of information and knowledge.

Perhaps ‘Information wants to be free‘ or ‘We can fact check, you ass.’

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