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Mr. Deity gets squishy

[Via Bad Astronomy]

IIf you don’t know about Mr. Deity, then where have you been? It’s a satirical video series that assumes that God is something of a clueless high-level executive, running into all sorts of issues while constructing the Universe. It’s been around a while, and a new episode just came out called “Mr. Deity and the Science Advisor”. Mind you, it’s only a biological science advisor; Mr. D never talked to an astronomer before constructing the Universe. But the advisor looks like someone I know. I assume that must be coincidence. Or some sort of pareidolia.


I just love Mr. Deity! And he has been having some great guest stars recently. Adam, Michael Shermer and now PZ. You learn as you laugh, as with all good satire

I’ve followed Mr Deity for some time now. Not only is his character great but so is ‘Jesse’ (Watch Mr. Deity and the Scripts) and Lucy (I have to say ‘More Lucy.’ Her exasperation with Mr. Deity’s cluelessness is just wonderful.)

And poor put-upon Larry just makes it all work. One of the more fun web series. In fact, it seems to me that this is something that could never work on TV, even cable, as it appeals to a pretty small demographic – well educated people with a twisted sense of humor who can understand why something like a banana is funny.

But it does show that we elitists can find humor in just the geekiest things. Please donate to Mr. Deity so they can make more of these.