In defense of catchers

catcher by Tammra McCauley

I am not a big Posada fan but as an ex-catcher (with the bad knee to prove it) I want everyone to know that it was his part in the play last night that was critical and simply amazing.

In last night’s game between the Twins and the Yankees, there was a very important play that had a impact on the game. Everyone talked about Jeter’s heads-up play. Getting to the ball was awesome but after that, it was pretty routine.

Seeing how far the runner had rounded third, he did what everyone is supposed to do – throw the ball to the next base. In this case home. He made a good throw but he is a pro ball player so that is to be expected.

Posada threw a rocket to third to get the runner out on the tag. He put the ball in the one place it HAD to get to in order to get the runner out – low and on the outside of the bag so the runner has to go through the tag to get to the base.

A bit higher or on the inside of the bag and the runner would have been safe. That could have changed the game completely.

Jeter was a heads-up play by a great ball player. but Posada’s throw is what made the out. His precision on the throw made the game.

Catcher’s rule!

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