Quote mining for disease

mine by ˙Cаvin

Somehow, people believe that quote-mining is a logical proof.
Read this whole screed against vaccines that is all quote-mining, mixing in rabid anti-vaxxers with out of context quotes from doctors.

According to what this denier apparently believes, vaccines have done nothing at all for human health, that the eradication of smallpox was not due to vaccines or the scourge of polio was not reduced by the use of vaccinations.

Anti-vaxxers use the same techniques of Creationists to support their denier beliefs. Quote-mining, conspiracy theories, misquotes, straw men, authorities, opinion as fact, lack of real data. All fallacies presented as though they are a valid logical arguments.

These techniques also exhibit a severe lack of understanding of just how things work. For example, there is this quote:

“It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.” (Dr. Glen Dettman,Vaccination Liberation.com)

But smallpox was not eradicated by mass vaccinations. It was eradicated by using an
approach called ‘ring vaccination.‘ Smallpox can only be spread human-to-human. So when an outbreak occurred, there were rapid immunization efforts in the surrounding communities to shut down the spread. With the pool of susceptible people greatly lowered, the outbreak stopped and the virus, with no where to go, simply disappeared.

Do this enough times and the pockets of smallpox get smaller and smaller until the virus was eradicated from the wild. No need for mass immunizations around the world.

So it is simply misleading for someone to say that vaccination of only 10% of the population is ‘proof’ that vaccination had little effect on smallpox eradication. Those low levels of vaccination were actually the plan.

This is the approach so often used by deniers of all types – misrepresent the facts in order to try and make a fallacious point. “See. A doctor said this so it must be true.”

Now, I’d love to produce better vaccines, as the ones we have today may not be the best that could be produced. Vaccine technology has not kept up with the biotech revolution mainly because market forces have not been harnessed to produce more effective versions of some vaccines.

But anyone who thinks that simply taking more Vitamin C will prevent them from being infected by such things as polio, smallpox, pertussis, yellow fever, etc. is just ignorant. Humans actually have one of the best and most complex immune systems in all of Nature. Vaccines attempt to harness this by having the immune system respond to a non-producitve infection. That is, to the immune system, the person appears to be infected but there is no way for the infectious agent to replicate or cause any disease. So you get an immune response without disease.

Anti-vaxxers appear to not understand this point at all. I guess there is one thing they are immune to – facts and data. Conspiracy theories have much more weight for them.

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