White House stars

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Video from the White House star party:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

This video from the White House star party held the other night makes me smile. A lot.

Wow, that’s quite a star lineup! I wish I could’ve been there too. Maybe next year…

And the quote of the night from the President, who said this in response to a young girl who …


One of the great things about the age we live in is being able to find and appreciate something like this. Just a few years ago, the MSM would have been the only place to get any information about this and it would have been needlessly truncated.

Watching the whole thing, hearing that Buzz Aldrin, Sally Rise, Mae Jemison were there. Wow. Hubble engineers and NASA scientists. Even amateur scientists who were kids. Nice way to make science cool. They got to meet the President personally.

Great speech with relevant points about astronomy and its impacts on all of us. Lots of facts that are really neat. This sort of inspiration is needed so much. I love that Obama went back to look through the telescope AFTER everyone had broken up. Or that Holdren pointed out Jupiter, which could be seen by the naked eye, to the President. Nice little moments that would never have been on the MSM.

And now anyone can actually see the whole thing. I love YouTube. I love the time we live in.

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