Evolutionary astronomers

Creation Astronomy:
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I’m sometimes accused of a bias against creationism and other forms of stupidity. So, in the interests of diversity and political correctness, I present one of the better examples of creationist logic.This is from The 4th Day Alliance. Don’t ever say that I haven’t been fair to creationists. This is an accurate, unedited, copy of what’s on their website (click on ‘Start a Local Chapter”). I’m not making this up. I’m not quote mining.


And the Flat Earthers have a club also (Although this one looks like a lot more fun). Maybe they should get together. Luckily, there has not been much push forward of these views by fundamentalists.

I guess they care more about Darwin and evolution because that describes Man’s place in Nature directly. Where stars come from… not so much.

Plus, all of cosmology is so much harder to dispute.

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