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Most would refuse emergency use H1N1 vaccine or additive:
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A majority of Americans would not take an H1N1 flu vaccine or drug additive authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration, according to a University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and University of Georgia study. The study, available online today in Biosecurity and Bioterrorism: Biodefense Strategy, Practice, and Science, found that fewer than 10 percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to take such a vaccine or drug and nearly 30 percent remained undecided.


Yeah, lots of people would refuse because they do not see a huge number of people dying. I’m sure the numbers would change if mortality was higher.

What was interesting is that most people really have little idea of what is likely to happen. 85 percent really do not feel that they will become sick, yet the rapidity of the spread of swine flu indicates that perhaps 80% of the American population will get sick. That is what some models are showing.

There is a big disconnect between what individuals project and what epidemiological models predict. I would imagine we will find out just which is more correct shortly.

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4 thoughts on “Different numbers

  1. Flu shots = money, not safety. Unfortunately, what is little understood by the general public is that the only reason people die from the flu is that they have either an immune suppressing chronic illness, such as diabetes, direct immune dysfunction, dietary deficiencies of critical immune-supporting nutrients, chronic pulmonary disease, heart disease or cancer. What we’re not being told can hurt us and our children! -Dr. Jake

    1. There is a significant difference in the populations that die depending on whether it is seasonal flu or a pandemic virus. The current H1N1 seems to hit pregnant women much harder than previous forms or seasonal influenzas. And recent work seems to indicate that a major cause of death from pandemic flu is due to secondary bacterial infections.

      There are complex and multiple causes for deaths due to influenza virus. Perhaps there is an underlying problem but they still die because of the acute infection by the influenza virus. A vaccine that produces a protective immune response would seem to be a straightforward way to prevent deaths due to influenza infections.

  2. I would never, and will never get the vaccine. I don’t see a need for it and I think we’re shifting towards a much broader dependency on our Government to provide us with goods and safety. Any government that has the power to give you everything has the power to take it all away right in front of your face!


    1. You are saying you would not use a vaccine because it is some sort of socialist plot by the government? And that if we get dependent on the government to provide flu vaccines, then they will take it away from us so we can die?

      Even though the vaccine is being provided by corporations and not the government? Even though it was developed by pharmaceutical companies who charge for it?

      There may be things to dicsuss about government’s role in the economy but using a flu vaccine developed and sold by pharmaceutical companies seems a real stretch. Do you refuse to use any other therapies developed and sold by corporations?

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