No autism from vaccines

MMR jab has not raised autism:
[Via NHS Choices: Behind the headlines]

The MMR jab is ‘off the hook’, The Guardian has today reported, referring to controversial theories that the vaccination may be linked to autism. The newspaper says that new research shows that rates of autistic disorders are similar among adults and children, a finding that further undermines theories that the combined MMR jab is responsible for a supposed rise in cases over recent years.

The Times reported that the research has spurred the National Autistic Society to get ‘off the fence’ over the supposed link between MMR and autism. The organisation has previously taken a neutral position in the controversial debate but has updated its position statement on autism and the MMR vaccine, adding an acknowledgement that a weight of epidemiological evidence “indicates that there is no statistically significant link between the MMR vaccine and autism”.


A very nice summation of the data and what it means. Examination of different age cohorts showed no difference in the incidence of autism, even though one cohort was given the MMR vaccine and the other was not.

Another nail in the coffin that the MMR vaccine causes autism.

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