Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Climate change Deniers are NOT from Mars:
[Via Greenfyre’s]

If Climate change Deniers actually were from Mars they would know better than to claim that warming on Mars or any other planets was evidence that solar variability had anything to do with climate change on Earth. Given that warming has been detected on only 6 out of the over 100 bodies in the solar system, they’d have been smarter not to mention it at all.

Naturally the claim that “the other planets are warming” is just another Denier fable that contradicts the facts, but what makes the Mars fable interesting is the number of ways in which it contradicts many other Denier claims. It really serves to underscore the incoherence of many Deniers, and the extent to which they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.


Since Greenfyre’s led me too Denial Depot, I love having a chance to discuss a post there. There are a lot of useful tidbits in this article. The data are not very definitive that Mars is warming. Or that denialists love the Mars data based on a few data points that do not actually measure temperature but disavow over a centuries worth of real temperatures on Earth.

This ability to champion sparse data while ignoring plentiful is a hallmark of denialist culture. Cherrypicking is almost a requirement. Read the whole post and watch the video. Lots of fun.

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