The GOP needs to get their politicians under control

I generally try and stay away from politics but I was really horrified at the Republicans and their total disrespect for the President tonight. I’m not talking about not standing up when the Democrats cheered. Both parties do that.

But the horrible thing to hear was the outburst of a Republican Congressman calling the President’s words lies from the floor of the House. On what planet does the Representative from South Carolina believe that is appropriate behavior? He would not have been allowed to do that during a session of the House. He would have been called out by the Speaker. But he thinks that is okay to do to the President?

I have never heard a President of either party booed or had catcalls thrown at him during a speech in Congress.

The leaders of the GOP need to get their members under control. No matter how one feels about the policies of our President, the disrespect shown President Obama during this speech was beyond the pale. It is even worse than Cheney telling a Senator to go f@#k himself while on the floor of the Senate.

At least then, the Senate was not in session. This was during a joint session of Congress.

I hope some sort of discipline is applied to him and that he does not become some sort of GOP hero. If so, it will simply demonstrate the continuing disrespect of the President by those who should know better.

Because you can bet that if that had been done to a GOP President, the hapless Representative might be looking for a new job.

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