Memories we don’t even remember

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Memories exist even when forgotten, study suggests:
[Via Eureka! Science News – Popular science news]

A woman looks familiar, but you can’t remember her name or where you met her. New research by UC Irvine neuroscientists suggests the memory exists – you simply can’t retrieve it.


I know the feeling of knowing a memory is there but not being able to retrieve it. Often I can come at it from a different angle, some other relevant fact and trace it back to the needed memory.

But what about all those memories that we do not even know about anymore? Do we have recorded memories of every dinner we ever had and are just unable to retrieve them? Do we remember every shirt we wore, every car we drove, the weather for every day we live?

It seems unlikely to me that we retain all of those memories. And this study does not really get us an answer to those question. But maybe it will lead to a way for me to remember names faster.

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  1. Just found your website and am very impressed. I homeschool my kids and are already interested in memory. Given us something to think about. Thanks.


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