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tickby Mick E.Talbot
How To Respond To Right Wing Viral Emails:
[Via Crooks and Liars]

My friends and family of the right wing persuasion have finally figured out to take me off their distribution lists for those viral emails that circulate about the internets. It was a lesson hard taught, because I felt obliged to obsessively research the facts and then reply to those emails, systematically destroying the wingnut talking points. You humiliate those wingnuts enough times, and they take you off their email lists.

Now, not everyone has the OCD to research and debunk these talking points, nor the need to be so…well, frankly, confrontational. So for people like that (you know, the ones much nicer than me), Media Matters has created an action site just for you. In it, they take some of the common viral emails–and then write responses to them, debunking the lies and very politely suggesting that the sender might want to use that gray matter lodged in his noggin for more than regurgitating Hannity. (I paraphrase, of course)


Almost every point found in many of these emails is a lie or misrepresentation. It is nice to have a site that includes not only a direct response but links to the facts. Snopes is also very useful but has a larger focus.

I guess it is just easier to forward on an email full of falsehoods than spending just a few minutes checking is veracity. Telling the truth seems to be viewed as more of a fool’s game than telling lies.

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