Ya betcha they are nice

A Small Triumph of Civility Over Stupid:
[Via Balloon Juice]

This was refreshing:


Really nice. People from Minnesota have a reputation for being ;nice’ but this was really fun to watch. Several people disagreed with him but they let him speak and he really tried to answer their questions. With facts when he could and with feelings when he could not.

And with respect for those that disagreed as well as agreed.

And the best thing, the thing I did not know, was that since Minnesota has no for-profit insurance companies, close to 90 cents on every dollar paid goes to healthcare. In other states this varies from 70-80 cents.

He said that if each state just went to this same approach that Minnesota used, reform could easily be paid for. I wonder if that is true.

These are the sorts of discussions that should be happening.

UPDATE: Besides talking well, he can also draw a map of the US with all 48 states from memory, starting with Minnesota. Not many people could name the states, much less draw them all.

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