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Renewed Faith By digby I have,sadly, become something of…:
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Renewed Faith

By digby

I have,sadly, become something of a cynic in my old age and it’s not a happy thing to be. The world is darker, inspiration harder to find and humans are constantly disappointing me. But today, my faith in the goodness of human nature was renewed.

Howie Klein asked John Amato and I to an event last night at the Grammy Museum, which is in downtown LA near the Staples center and the convention center. It was a fabulous Q&A and concert with the great Jazz trumpet player Terrance Blanchard and his band. Unfortunately, when I got back in my car after the event I found that my wallet was missing. This venue is huge, tens of thousands of people are there at any given time from all over the area and all over the world. Whether stolen or lost, I had no hope that I would ever see it again. Just another night in the Naked City. I felt very down.

This morning I got a call from the Santa Monica Police telling me that a good Samaritan had found my wallet and they had called the police to tell them they would like to return it. (My phone number wasn’t in it.) I was stunned. And I also felt a little bit elated. It’s been a while since something surprised me in quite this way. (That cynicism again.) So I happily took the Good Samaritan’s number and called him.


There are reasons that politicians, media moguls, plutocrats, union leaders, news readers etc. try to keep us apart, seek to divide us. Never trust someone who only seeks to divide, who attempts to create hatred of the other. They are concerned about gaining power, not helping.

As this story tells us, and each of us have our own stories to confirm it, individual people can be extremely kind. (Not everyone but enough can be to make it meaningful.) People often just want to help other people.

The problems we have arise from the people who do not really want to help other people, who abuse the inclinations of others in order to gain power solely for themselves.

That is why it is good to remember that there are some people out there who simply do the right thing, without real need to gain power. There are more of us than we think and if we could come together, actually create one out of many, we could kick the bums out.

That is why they really try to keep us at each others throats. Not only to keep power but to prevent us from taking it away from them. Perhaps someday soon enough of us will accomplish that.

America has done it in the past so why not?

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