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Cops Use Old Brink’s Truck to Shame Suspects – WSJ.com:
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This industrial city, hard hit by the recession, has found a new, low-budget way to fight crime: Park an unmanned, former Brink’s truck bristling with video cameras in front of the dwellings of troublemakers.

Police here call it the Armadillo. They say it has restored quiet to some formerly rowdy streets. Neighbors’ calls for help have dropped sharply. About half of the truck’s targets have fled the neighborhood.

“The truck is meant to be obnoxious and to cause shame,” says Peoria Police Chief Steven Settingsgaard.

The Armadillo has helped alleviate problems like drug dealing that can make neighborhoods unlivable.


This is such a creative way to deal with this problem. While it mainly just makes the dealers move somewhere else, it does it in a way that uses little of the police department’s time. And, as stated in the article, sometimes they then are able to arrest the guys on a charge that really sticks.

The last thing cockroaches want is for light to be shined on them. I would imagine that not many buyers of drugs are going to walk up to a house with this truck, including video cameras, out front. Their business will just dry up.

And this is a lot cheaper and safer than undercover work.

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